Scholarship Exam - Maharashtra State

Maharashtra State Council of Examination conducts Scholarship Examination to undertake talent search with the aim to nurture and encourage talented and deserving students by recognising and providing them financial support.


Every year the Examination is conducted normally on Third Sunday of February, in around 5500 examination centres in all districts of Maharashtra. More than 10 lakh students appear for the Class 5 and Class 8 Scholarship exam in the state.

Exam Pattern

Difficulty Level:

  • Easy – 30% Questions
  • Medium- 40% Questions
  • Hard- 30% Questions
Format of Scholarship Exam:
  • All the questions will be objective and multiple choice.
  • For Class 5 one of the 4 options will be correct.
  • For Class 8 maximum 20% questions will have 2 correct answers out of 4 options, in that case it will be mandatory to mark both the answers.

Exam Syllabus - Class 5

Mathematics (Topicwise Weightage): Number Work(12%), Operations on numbers(20%), Fractions(14%), Measurement/Mensuration(20%), Applied Mathematics(16%), Geometry(14%). Pictographs(4%) Intelligence Test (Topicwise Weightage): Comprehension (08%), Classification (10%), Number order (10%), Logic And Inference (12%),Image (Water Image, Mirror Image) (08%), Co-relation (10%). Pictographs(4%), Puzzles (16%), Like Terms (10%), Symbolic Language (Symbol) (08%), Special Question Or Important (04%). English (Topicwise Weightage): Vocabulary (16 %), Word Games (08%), Grammar (24%), Language Study (04%),Creative writing (16%), Reading skills (comprehension) (24%), Miscellaneous (08%). Marathi (Topicwise Weightage): आकलन (२४%), शब्दसंपत्ती (४४%), कार्यात्मक व्याकरण (२४%), १ ली ते ५ वी मराठी (सुलभभारती) विषयांशी संबंधित सामान्यज्ञान (०८%)

Previous Year Question Papers

Class 5:

Class 8:

Exam Syllabus - Class 8

Mathematics (Topicwise Weightage): Number Work (06%), Operations on numbers (14%), Geometry (20%), Mensuration (20%), Statistics (06%), Applied Mathematics (16%), Algebra (18%) Intelligence Test (Topicwise Weightage): Comprehension (10%), Classification (10%), Correlation (10%), Series (order)(12%), Code Language(06%), Rhythm and Sequence(10%), Pyramids(06%), Reflection/ Image(06%), Logic and Conclusion(12%), Puzzles and Brain Teasers(12%), Analysis of Figure (10%) English (Topicwise Weightage): ​Vocabulary (12%), Word Puzzles Riddles (04%), Language Study (16%), Grammar (16%), Creative writing (24%), Reading skills (comprehension) (24%), Miscellaneous (Loan Words) (04%) Marathi (Topicwise Weightage): आकलन (२४%), शब्दसंपत्ती (३६%), कार्यात्मक व्याकरण (३२%), १ ली ते ८ वी मराठी विषयांशी संबंधित सामान्यज्ञान (०८%)

Important Dates

Coming Soon.

Exam Registration Details

  1. Student must be studying in 5th/8th standard in government approved school which comes under any board State/CBSE/ICSE.
  2. Age limit: 11yrs (for 5th), 14 yrs (for 8th)
  3. Student should be domicile of Maharashtra state which means parents have lived in Maharashtra for more than 15 years
  • Registration Process: Applications for exam are accepted only via schools. Students need to submit their details to school for exam registration.