About Us

Extra Edge Academy is the brainchild of founders who have consistently excelled at competitive exams. Our founders have the distinction of being in the top 1% in MAH MBA CET, CAT, GRE - some of the toughest exams in the state, country and the world respectively. Our founders realised that their success was built on the strong foundation of deep conceptual understanding and early focus on aptitude skills due to participation in - Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, MTSE and NTSE.


All the important competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, CAT, GRE, GMAT that allow entry into the most prestigious universities of higher education or key government roles, evaluate students on their conceptual clarity and problem solving skills. This is because success in business, professional careers and jobs are also seen to depend on the same skills.


While the scholastic education system equips students with knowledge about the world around us, it's pedagogy and the examination pattern does not delve into application of that knowledge to solve real problems. This mantle is taken up by competitive exams like Scholarship, NTSE and Olympiad. Unfortunately, school time-table and activities don’t allow most schools to focus on preparing students for these exams.


Our endeavour is to supplement school education with competitive exam training so that our students develop a problem solving mindset based on the solid foundation of knowledge acquired at school. We focus on building the foundations that are required for succeeding in these competitive exams -  structured problem solving, critical & analytical thinking applied on a base of solid conceptual understanding.


This will ensure that when the time comes for your child to face career-defining competitive exams and real life problem solving in career and life, they are well equipped to take off and fly high!

Our Team

Mayuresh Sanap

An MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai and having worked across strategy and business analytics roles, Mayuresh has scored more than 99%ile multiple times in various competitive exams like CAT, MAH MBA CET and 100% score in GRE - Quantitative section.


For him, It all started when he got trained for the scholarship exam in school and secured State Rank 17. He strongly believes that one has to get trained at an early age for the strong foundation of basic concepts.


Mathematics (Quantitative Ability) and Logical reasoning (Intelligence Test) being his forte, he teaches both the subjects at the Extra Edge Academy.

Pratiksha Kapse

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer by qualification, Pratiksha has played various roles over the last few years ranging from a software engineer, to teacher. 


Her passion for teaching led her to take up teaching as a full time profession. She finds a sense of satisfaction in this profession.


Being expert in Science and English, she teaches both the subjects at Extra Edge Academy.